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How to choose the right leotard for you

How to choose the best leotard for you

STYLE & SIZE: The very first thing to determine is the style of the leotard that is prescribed for your theme.

You can go with the pretty, but comfortable Leotard, for a memorable recital performance. 

The right size and style will make your performance better without any mistakes.


FABRIC & MATERIAL: Leotards are mostly made with a blend of Cotton and Spandex, keeping in mind the comfort, stretch, and breathability. Leotards are hence made form-fitting, yet flexible material. Since materials like spandex and lycra can return to its original form, they are more durable in the long run and are hence value for money.



Here are some tips that will help you decide on the best leotard for your regular classes and performances.

  • For regular practice and training, you can invest in basic tank leotards that are fitted and comfortable and not necessarily expensive. However, a good well-established brand of even the basic leotard makes a lot of difference.
  • A leotard that has cotton-lycra mix should help you with your objective of ensuring that the leotard can highlight your posture and ballet stance.
  • While choosing the color of a leotard, choose one that will complement your skin and hair color. Also, remember that darker colored leotards hide sweat spots.
  • While trying on a leotard for the very first time ensure that it fits well around all the areas of your body experience the maximum stretch – arms, shoulders, waist, and crotch. Never compromise on the fit and length, not just when you are trying out a leotard in a store, as you need to be entirely comfortable in the leotards during your training as well.
  • Black and Pink leotards are a norm during training and classes. However, you can consider buying leotards in other colors such as blue, green, purple, lilac.
  • Apart from comfort and your personal choice, the styling of a leotard is also essential to ensure it accentuates your body structure and flatters your natural form.
  • For example, a zip front leotard frames the body well while cap sleeved style leotards are ideal for dancers who want to highlight their necks. A camisole leotard, on the other hand, is a classic style that is preferred by most dancers who are starting ballet classes.
  • A long sleeve leotard, on the other hand, is usually a performance ensemble preferred by experience ballet dancers.
  • Speak to someone experienced in the ballet circles about their experience in picking leotards - the best brands and advice on what to consider. Fellow students, ballet teachers, and even online reviews help a great deal in shortlisting options
  • It’s also a good idea to try leotards out in a store specializing in dancewear and accessories before you can confidently start buying them online. Most of these stores have dance experts who can guide you to make your first leotard purchase.



In conclusion, no matter what your style and your personal preference are. Spend some time in researching the quality, pricing, and the right fit which is key to picking the right leotard.

You may or may not find the perfect one at the very first instance, but at least you can minimize the risk of ending up with the wrong one by purchasing them at Olivine Wear.

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